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  • Molykote 1292

    • Long Life Bearing Grease
    • Off-white, polyuria thickened, fluorosilicone grease
    • Light consistency, ideal for moderate to high loads and speeds
    • For high-temperature use and applications that come in contact with solvents, fuels, chemicals and water
  • Molykote 3451

  • Molykote C-40

    • High Temperature Chain Lubricant
    • Black, low-vicoscity fluid dispersion of graphite in a synthetic oil
    • Material penetrates inaccessible areas, lubricates to 1000°F ; base fluid evaporates cleanly leaving graphite to lubricate
    • Applicable to lubricating chains in high-temperature ovens used for heat treating
  • Molykote D321R Anti-friction Coating

    • Dry Film Lubricant Coating Spray
    • For metal/metal combinations lubrication with slow to medium fast movements and high loads
    • Suitable for the permanent lubrication of highly stressed sliding guides with low sliding speeds, oscillating movements or intermittent operation
    • Improving the running-in process and for lubrication under high vacuum and at extreme temperatures
  • Molykote L-0501

    • High Performance Penetrating Lubricant
    • Translucent yellow; anti-wear additive, corrosive inhibitors and oxidation inhibitors dispersed in petroleum distillates
    • Penetrates rust; displaces water; retards corrosion; significantly lower volatility for longer-term lubrication than conventional penetrating oils
    • Ideal for aiding disassembly of parts; lubricating locks, sliding doors, chains and cables
  • Molykote M Dispersion

    • Black, liquid dispersion in mineral oil
    • Resists foaming, reduces friction and wear, even with high load-carrying capacity at slow to moderate speeds
    • Low viscosity solid lubricant dispersion
    • Applicable to lubricating systems and drives and in metalworking oil
  • Molykote M-30 Dispersion

    • Black dispersion of solid lubricants in synthetic oil
    • Fluid lubrication up to +200 C; Dry lubrication up to +400 C; No resinification
    • Used successfully on chains & rollers of conveyor belts
  • Molykote M-55 Dispersion

    • Black dispersion of solid lubricants in mineral oil
    • Increases load carrying capacity; Prevents and reduces pitting in gears; Emergency running properties
    • Reduces friction and wear & running noise
    • Used successfully as an additive for mineral oils
  • Molykote Z Powder

    • Black, highly purified powder
    • Reduces torque and friction; resists liquid or gaseous oxygen, radiation, chemical & vacuum environments; lubricates even when pressure approaches 500,000 psi
    • Applicable for Press-fitting, assembly, metal forming, etc.
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