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  • 1000 Paste

    • High Temp Anti-Seize Premium multi-purpose paste for threaded connections
    • Resists aging,wide service temperature range and protects against fretting corrosion
    • Lubricating thread connectors, rollers, oven chains, hinges, marine and outdoor equipments exposed to harsh and severe environments
  • CU-7439 Plus Paste

    • Good resistant against water and water-washout
    • Very adhesive
    • Low evaporation
    • Paste suited for flange and bolt components subjected to high temperature and corrosive influences such as water & steam environments
  • D Paste

    • Prevents stick-slip and seizure, clean white color paste
    • Good corrosion protection, High Load capacity
    • Excellent protection against galling and fretting corrosion
    • Suitable for clean room equipments & environment
  • DX Paste

    • Prevents stick slip and seizure, white color paste
    • Good resistant against water and water-washout
    • Assembly and running equipment
  • E Paste

    • Compatible with most plastics
    • Synthetic oil base
    • Does not contain silicone thereby preventing problems with intact point failures
  • G-N Metal Assembly Paste

    • Excellent protection against fretting wear and corrosion
    • Extends service life
    • Low friction
  • G-N Plus Paste

    • Lubricate beyond the yield point of most metals in boundary applications, reducing wear and helping to prevent seizing, galling and excessive friction
    • Aid run-in and reduce frictional force and surface damage
    • Low coefficient of friction allows for effective conversion of torqueing force into holding force; reduces the force required for disassembly of threaded fasteners
  • G-N Paste

    • Excellent load-carrying capacity and prevents seizure
    • Prevents fretting corrosion
    • Good for oscillating movement
    • Low coefficient of friction even under high loads
  • G-Rapid Plus Paste

    • Suppresses stick-slip
    • Reduces formation of fretting corrosion
    • Prevents seizure and scoring
  • HSC Plus Paste

    • Good electrical conductivity
    • Good corrosion protection
    • Enables non-destructive dismantling even after long use at extreme high temperatures
  • HTP Solid Lubricant Paste

    • Reduces friction and wear
    • Reduces scoring
    • Increases service life of tools
  • M-77 Solid Lubricant Paste

    • Good water resistance
    • Good volatilization properties
    • Compatible with many types of elastomers and plastics (test for compatibility)
  • P-40 Paste

    • Good corrosion protection, excellent water resistance
    • Metal-free, good anti-fretting
    • Assembly and continuous lubrication
    • Suitable for marine applications and equipments
  • P-74 Paste

    • Prevention of cracking and brittleness
    • Metal-free, good anti-fretting
    • Able to operate at 1500°c
  • P-1900 Food Machinery Anti-Seize Paste

    • Meets FDA Regulations 21 CRF 178.3570 and NSF H1 Classification for incidental food contact
    • Low coefficient of friction
    • Good water resistance
  • P-37 Antiseize Paste

    • Helps prevent seizure & damage during assembly/disassembly
    • Nickel free, suitable for steel alloy, aluminium & stainless steels substrates
    • Operates at extreme temperatures (contact us for more info)
  • TP-42 Paste

    • Particularly adhesive
    • Particularly resistant to wash-out by water and metal machining emulsions
    • Prevents stick-slip
  • U-N Paste

    • Reduced friction and wear
    • Low coefficient of friction
    • High load-carrying capacity
    • Compatible with some types of natural rubber and plastics (test for compatibility required before use)