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You don’t have to go to extremes to remove your bolt.

Oil & Gas applications?

Extreme conditions?

Need Food Safe Lubricants?

NSF and FDA certified

Handling grease a nightmare for your maintenance?

Need a Better CNC Grease?

Molykote Specially formulated grease is resistant to CNC coolant attacks & water splash off.

SIEZE THREADS increasing your downtime & challenging your productivity?

Tired of dealing with cracked, swollen or hardened O-rings?

Chain rusting?

Facing lubrication issues?

Broken thread connections adding Extra downtime in your schedule?

Welding Spatter?

Rework cost you more than you think.

Are you facing extra downtime and reduced productivity each time you try open a seize bolt or nut?

Chains facing high wear & corrosion due to high water washout and weathering?

We have solutions which are highly resistant to water emulsification.

Issues with your valves?

Valves seizing reducing your productivity?


It’s time you protect your products, machinery and your customers with Molykote Smart Lubrication.

Lubricants for Food Machineries?

BOB LONG Paintball Markers-Grease uses Molykote 55

Thread Issues?

Need a permanent solution?

Do you require assistance for issues such as:

Release agents on plastics and elastomers, dual-purpose lubricants & sealants, Dielectric moisture barriers on electrical equipment?

Labour cost in changing parts due to corrosion?

Shutting down equipment to change parts?

Electrical Terminal Connectors Oxidized & Corroded?

Battery Terminals Bad contacts?

Bearing Grease Wash Out?

Does your grease "disappear" in your bearing when exposed to weathering?

Bearing failures could be a nightmare for your maintenance team.

Is your CNC grease failing?

Need better CNC grease for your CNC spindle, slideways and chucks?

Are your Valves Leaking?

Causing your maintenance extra downtime?

Need to reduce downtime & improve operation?

Time to Rethink your lubrication choice.

O-Rings are cheap but your downtime to change them will cost you more.

Struggling to disassemble a part?