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Hydraulic Oils

Molykote hydraulic oils minimize formation of emulsions in contact with water due to the purity of the base fluid. They will generally perform successfully in hydraulic systems far longer than conventional hydraulic oils. Plants can gain significant savings from reduced oil consumption, reduced disposal cost, labor savings and fewer interruptions to production. These non-toxic oils are derived from hydrocracked or synthetic base stocks and can be used in systems designed for low pour point or high flash point mineral oils.

L-0532FGMulti-Purpose Light OilENQUIRE
L-0346Hydraulic OilENQUIRE
L-0346FGHydraulic OilENQUIRE
L-0368FGHydraulic OilENQUIRE
L-0322Hydraulic OilENQUIRE
L-0568Multi-Purpose OilENQUIRE
L-0510Multi-Purpose OilENQUIRE
L-0510FGMulti-Purpose OilENQUIRE
L-1346FGSynthetic Blend Hydraulic OilENQUIRE
L-1368FGSynthetic Blend Hydraulic OilENQUIRE
L-1332FGSynthetic Hydraulic & Gear OilENQUIRE

Compressor and Vacuum Pump Oils

Molykote compressor and pump fluids are formulated to meet or exceed the performance of comparable OEM fill products. With the exception of L-3232 and L-3246, these fluids are all compatible with mineral oils and systems designed for mineral oil lubrication. Dow Corning can perform oil analysis to ensure that the right product is used for each application and that product life is maximized.

Air Compressor Oil

L-0246Rotary Compressor OilENQUIRE
L-1232Synthetic Compressor OilENQUIRE
L-1232FGSynthetic Compressor OilENQUIRE
L-1246Synthetic Compressor OilENQUIRE
L-1246FGSynthetic Compressor OilENQUIRE
L-1268Synthetic Compressor OilENQUIRE
L-1210Synthetic Compressor OilENQUIRE
L-3232Synthetic Compressor OilENQUIRE
L-3246Synthetic Compressor OilENQUIRE
L-4610Synthetic Blend Piston Compressor OilENQUIRE
L-4611Synthetic Reciprocating Compressor OilENQUIRE
L-4646Synthetic High Temp Compressor OilENQUIRE

Ammonia Compressor Oils

L-0660Para Synthetic Ammonia Ref Comp OilENQUIRE
L-0668Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor OilENQUIRE

Vacuum Pump Oils

L-1668FGSynthetic Blend Vacuum Pump OilENQUIRE
L-0610Vacuum Pump OilENQUIRE

Special Purpose Oils

Molykote special purpose oils have been designed for unique purposes or applications within industrial processes. Depending on the application, your Dow Corning representative can help select the right oil for your special requirements. Molykote Process Gas Oils have been specially formulated for use in chemical process gas streams consisting of harsh corrosive gasses such as HCl, HBr or methyl chloride. These oils will not form sludge or gel in the presence of many harsh gas streams that would destroy conventional vacuum pump or compressor lubricants. A special corrosion inhibitor inhibits acidic corrosion.

L-1605FGSynthetic barrier FluidENQUIRE
L-4640Synthetic Compressor Flush FluidENQUIRE
L-0268Process Gas OilENQUIRE
L-1568Process Gas OilENQUIRE
L-1510Process Gas OilENQUIRE

Multi-purpose Oils

Molykote multi-purpose oils provide protection and lubrication for a wide range of moving components in industrial systems. Depending on the application, your Dow Corning representative can help select the right oil from a range of viscosities, additive packages and pour points.

L-0532FGMulti Purpose Light OilENQUIRE
L-0568Multi Purpose OilENQUIRE
L-0510Multi Purpose OilENQUIRE
L-0510FGMulti Purpose OilENQUIRE

Gearbox and Chain Oils

Molykote gearbox and chain lubricants help prevent wear and process interruptions in power transmission systems and components. Compared to conventional oils they also offer greater resistance to oxidation and stable performance at high temperatures and under high loads. gearbox oils maximize fill intervals and maintain viscosity characteristics at wide temperature ranges. gearbox oils meet AGMA 9005-E02. In addition to AGMA, L-21XX series gearbox oils also meet DIN 51 517 Part 3, US Steel 224, Flender, Cincinnati Machine, David Brown SL.53.101.

Gearbox Oils

L-0115Gear Oil ISO 150ENQUIRE
L-0115FGGear Oil ISO 150ENQUIRE
L-0122Gear Oil ISO 220ENQUIRE
L-0122FGGear Oil ISO 220ENQUIRE
L-0132Gear Oil ISO 320ENQUIRE
L-0146Gear Oil ISO 460ENQUIRE
L-0146FGGear Oil ISO 460ENQUIRE
L-0168Gear Oil ISO 680ENQUIRE
L-1115Synthetic Gear Oil ISO 150ENQUIRE
L-1115FGSynthetic Gear Oil ISO 150ENQUIRE
L-1122Synthetic Gear Oil ISO 220ENQUIRE
L-1122FGSynthetic Gear Oil ISO 220ENQUIRE
L-1132Synthetic Gear Oil ISO 320ENQUIRE
L-1132FGSynthetic Gear Oil ISO 320ENQUIRE
L-1146Synthetic Gear Oil ISO 460ENQUIRE
L-1146FGSynthetic Gear Oil ISO 460ENQUIRE
L-1168Synthetic Gear Oil ISO 680ENQUIRE
L-2110Synthetic Gear Oil ISO 100ENQUIRE
L-2115Synthetic Gear Oil ISO 150ENQUIRE
L-2122Synthetic Gear Oil ISO 220ENQUIRE
L-2132Synthetic Gear Oil ISO 320ENQUIRE
L-2146Synthetic Gear Oil ISO 460ENQUIRE
L-2168Synthetic Gear Oil ISO 680ENQUIRE

Chain Oils

L-0460FGChain OilENQUIRE
L-1468FGSynthetic Freezer Chain OilENQUIRE
L-1428High Temperature Chain OilENQUIRE