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  • 1000 Spray

    • Enables non-destructive dismantling, even after long use at high temperatures
    • Coefficient of friction unchanged in the area of oiled bolts, even after several bolt re-tightening and loosening processes
    • Good corrosion protection
  • 316 Silicone Release Spray

    • Remains stable over a wide temperature range
    • Helps prevent glue from adhering to walls of containers; makes it easier to remove dried glue from equipment
    • Applicable on a wide range of food equipment
    • Meets FDA 21 CFR 175.300 regulations
  • 557

    • Silicone Dry Film Lubricant
    • Dry film lubrication of sliding contacts, particularly with aluminium and stainless steel; helps extend the life pf knives, tools and dies; sizing and coining powdered metal parts
    • Colorless; non-staining; high loads at low speeds
  • Anti-Spatter Spray (S-1010)

    • Water-based translucent coating which avoids sticking of spots on welding tools and parts
    • Allows posterior painting of the welded parts
    • Easy removing by water cleaning
  • CU-7439 Plus Spray

    • High Temperature Copper Spray
    • Very adhesive and resistant against water wash out; No drop point; Good corrosion protection
    • Applicable to disc brakes, brake cams. brake guides, flange seals, adjuster screws, and threaded connections
  • D-321R Spray

    • Dry Film Lubricant Coating Spray
    • For metal/metal combinations lubrication with slow to medium fast movements and high loads
    • Suitable for the permanent lubrication of highly stressed sliding guides with low sliding speeds, oscillating movements or intermittent operation
    • Improving the running-in process and for lubrication under high vacuum and at extreme temperatures
  • Food Grade Spray Oil

    • FDA approved for use in applications with incidental food contact.
    • Water-white mineral oil fortified with a corrosion inhibitor and EP/AW additives
    • Good penetration, high load capability and corosion protection
    • Ideal for mechanical components in food and beverage processing equipment
  • G4500 Synthetic Spray

    • General purpose light consistency white synthetic spray
    • Meets FDA regulation for accidental food contact
    • Compatible with many plastics and elastomers
    • Applicable to rolling elements, plain bearings, pivot pins,cams, guides, drive srews, gears, splines and other machine elements
  • G-Rapid Spray

    • Multi-purpose molybdenum disulfide spray lubricant for component assembly
    • Extreme loads; wide service temperature range; Low coefficient of friction
    • Seizure prevention during machine assembly; Lubrication during metal working;
    • Fretting corrosion prevention in the fitting area of machine parts; Protects against overheating of power screws and packing seals.
  • M-55 Dispersion

    • Additive for mineral oils
    • Increases load carrying capacity
    • Reduce friction wear & running noise
    • prevent & reduce pitting in gears
  • Metal Cleaner Spray

    • Loosens dirt quickly; Residue-free evaporation
    • Non-corrosive
    • Combination of solvents for cleaning and degreasing of brakes, clutches, engine components, electrical contacts and metal surfaces
  • Metal Protector Spray

    • Long-term corrosion protection
    • Translucent, dry, wax-like coating
    • Allows use of parts without removing the coating
    • Corrosion protection for metal parts which have to be stored or transported
  • MKLN Spray

    • Chain Grease Spray
    • Low oxidation, suitable for long-term lubrication
    • Good penetration
    • Good adhesion
  • Multigliss Spray

    • 5 in 1 Penetrating spray
    • Rust loosening properties
    • Displaces water & moisture
    • Does not cause rust
  • S-1002 Electrival Contact Cleaner Spray

    • Fast evaporating, no residue cleaner for reducing electrical resistance
    • Does not attack plastic, rubber or painted surfaces
    • Ideal for eliminating oil, fat and dust on electrical and electronic equipment
  • Separator Spray

    • Complies with NSF H1 Status
    • Excellent release properties; Reduces friction and wear;
    • Wide service temperature range
    • Provides better surface quality and easier cleaning
    • Lubricates plastic and rubber parts
  • Supergliss Spray

    • Rust loosener and corrosion protective spray
    • Good penetration; Displaces water & moisture
    • Rust loosening & lubrication properties
    • Good corrosion protection